Motivation to Increase your Chances of Success

Motivation to Increase your Chances of Success

Graham McClurgJul 20, '21

For a generation that desires constant reinforcement, hustlers are turning to motivational products. These products and motivational tools help foster positive mindsets, especially when we need an extra boost. Do a few motivational one-liners on a product help? We think they do if you have them at the right time and place. Lou Holtz said it best, **“W.I.N”** ~ “What’s important now.”  We have interpreted what’s important now to mean capturing relevant and robust opportunities towards achieving our goals by being prepared. Get The Motivation finds you products that are relevant at the right time and place. The point is, the most successful people we know get creative and resourceful, and so can you. 

  • Barack Obama, to this day, carries small affirmational objects ‘totems’ in his pocket wherever he goes. He says it reminds him of “all the different people I’ve met along the way.” “If I feel tired, or I feel discouraged sometimes, I can kind of reach into my pocket and say yeah, that’s something I can overcome because somebody gave me the privilege to work on these issues that are going to affect them.”

  • Lebron James carried this printout around with him when he stank at scoring from certain areas. (The worst high-volume shooters from outside the paint, a list topped by LeBron James) *He is a much better shooter now. 
  • Jim Carry explained, “I wrote myself a check for $10 million for 'acting services rendered, and I gave myself 5 years … or 3 years maybe. I dated it Thanksgiving 1995, and I put it in my wallet, and I kept it there, and it deteriorated and deteriorated.”

  • Matthew McConaughey admitted that he tries to scare himself at least once a day. “I get butterflies every time before I go to work,” he said. 

  • Bill Gates uses books for motivation and inspiration, reading at least 50 books a year. This one is pretty standard, in my opinion, but an excellent reminder. He still prefers a physical book. If you need help starting your business check out Zen Business.

  • Mark Zuckerburg "The question I ask myself like almost every day is, 'Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?'”

  • Tony Robbins started using Nu-Calm to both re-energize and ‘IGNITE’.  It’s a high-quality audio program that comes with a monthly subscription to receive discs that go on your wrist to help you nap, sleep and relax. Using high-quality headphones is essential. Their newer program is called IGNITE and gets you all pumped up. We like it because it’s reliable and easy to open anytime. 

  • Richard Branson bought his island. (Necker Island), where he goes to recharge and re-motivate. 

Let’s end with Richard Branson’s Island (Because we should always start with the end in mind). The point is, it’s possible to get resourceful and find what works for you. If your dreams and goals are essential, take the time to give yourself all the chances to achieve them. Some people will say, “what if,” some people will say, “I can,” but the truly successful will take action.