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Art can liven up your day! Especially when what's hanging on your wall is a constant inspiration to do your best and give 1,000%!  We all know what it's like to push through challenges and strive for greatness. We balance school, side hustles and working for "the man". We tell ourselves "we got this", "I'm a bad ass", "if I keep giving 100% the universe will reward me!" So let's say you wake up and you're feeling anxious and tired but you went to bed early, you didn't go out drinking, so what the heck? You realize that this past week when you thought you were working smart (not hard) and crushing your goals, you were really beating the crap out of yourself mentally and or physically. You decide you will rest even more and all the sudden, tasks and projects begin to stack up! Let's rewind, what if that same morning instead of deciding to rest longer or put your dreams on hold, you glance over at the wall where a beautiful painting says "Dreams don't work unless you do". How do you think you'll attack your day now? 

 W.I.N! "What's important now?" ~ MAKE IT HAPPEN